Are you ready to share your new product with the World?

Launching a product is an exciting moment. You’ve been working on the product with your team and you’re now ready to share it with the world. In the planning phase you want to combine your product focus with a great launching narrative. What better way to tell your product story by combining it with a great World Record attempt?

4 step approach

As with any good marketing program, it is important to link your goals and underlying drivers to the World Record attempt. In our 4 step approach we will link your product with some great World Record attempt opportunities. Based on the overarching goals (e.g. engagement, acquisition or awareness) we will be focusing out the outputs. PR, impressions, social activity and mentions, but the ultimate goal should be around engagement with your existing audience and conversation with a possible new audience.

WRM platform

Video & social are important for your product launch and our WRM platform supports widespread news syndication of your product launch through a World Record attempt. Because videos are such an incredibly powerful way to showcase your product in combination with a World Record attempt, we like to produce some sort of short videos to accompany announcement opportunities straight from the start of organising a World Record attempt. Whenever possible we would like to tie the product announcement into a larger trend in your industry or value proposition outside the physical mechanics of your product functionality and use it as contributed content. Using the WRM platform is the best way to maximize PR efforts around your product launch.