Address opportunities and goals by attaching them to a World Record attempt

Corporate citizenship provides great value when companies leverage their core competencies to address opportunities & issues in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) aspects of business. Proper corporate citizenship is no longer simply a “nice to have” element of a company’s overall strategy but a “need to have”.

Environmental, social, and governance impacts

What better way to address opportunities and goals than to attach them to a World Record attempt? Combining corporate citizenship and a World Record attempt creates both business and social value in countless ways, from establishing innovative community involvement partnerships to engaging with stakeholders to assess environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts and opportunities.

Together with our clients we establish a framework and work with corporate citizenship leaders to either develop or strengthen initiatives with a World Record attempt.

Realizing the full value of corporate citizenship

We believe that realizing the full value of corporate citizenship cannot be achieved in isolation. The continued communication between company and community stakeholders, c-suite executives, and individuals throughout a World Record attempt will lead to social and economic significance.

We deliver concrete and measurable benefits which result in increased reputation and loyalty scores from your target audience.