98% of the people have a positive sentiment with World Record attempts, the perfect marketing instrument for ceremonies & celebrations

It is hard to be creative and a lot of companies celebrate work anniversaries and significant accomplishments with standard food, drinks and dinners out with the boss. How about changing the game and setting a World Record at your company’s ceremony or celebration?

Celebrate company-wide achievements

Employees can intrinsically relate with the company when it embarks on a World Record attempt celebrating significant company-wide achievements that the whole team contributed to, like on-boarding the company’s 100th customer, closing a round of funding or achieving the company’s first million-euro month in revenue.

Celebration for yourself or for others?

When a World Record attempt is focused on yourself, your company is in the spotlight showing your biggest achievements and most important activities. Since it’s your company’s celebration, nobody will think ill of you if you take this opportunity to communicate a lot about yourself.

Focusing on others means putting your customers, vendors and partners in the middle of your celebration. This is when you use the World Record attempt as an opportunity to celebrate other people’s achievements, help others reach their goals, or simply let everyone relax and have fun.