A World Record attempt can play a vital communication role in showing appreciation

Everyone wants a ‘pat on the back’ to make them feel good and praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. What better way than to use a World Record attempt to show your recognition to those who matter most.

Strengthen your culture

There is nothing more important than a company’s people and as such a World Record attempt is a great opportunity to strengthen culture by recognizing and celebrating positive contributions of your people.

98% of the people have a positive sentiment with World Record attempts and it is a great way to invest in the accomplishments of your people. Don’t go the predictable route with something generic, instead celebrate with an unexpected and unconventional World Record attempt.

Create trust and optimism among employees

Leaders stand to benefit enormously from appreciating their employees not only with simple gifts, but with intangibles which are remembered. A World Record attempt is a great way of showing recognition and employers can effectively produce a sense of well-being, trust, optimism, and confidence among employees that will propel company culture forward.