We consider a World Record attempt as a series of carefully coordinated messages and actions resulting in an event to advertise your product, service, cause or values. This attempt will generate content which can appear in different media across a specific time frame and is designed to boost awareness and generate demand with your target audience.

An important part of a World Record attempt is determining a record theme as it sets the tone for the individual messages and marketing communication that will be used. We will guide you with our unique 4 step World Record as a service approach:



Step 1

Creating the audience profile will help target the segment(s) you plan to attract with the product, service cause or values you’re communicating. The audience profile contains sociodemographic, geographical and behavioural information (e.g. gender, geography, age, hobbies and interests).

Step 2:

Identify the purpose of your World Record attempt. Maybe you want to host an official opening ceremony or celebrate company milestones and successes at a corporate anniversary. Or communicating sustainability and ethics through a Corporate citizenship event. You may want to launch a new product or hold an appreciation event for your employees. Or promote your city and region at a tradeshow or conference.

Step 3:

The information gathered is used to create measurable, realistic and attainable goals for your World Record attempt. Use the information from step 1 and 2 as input for the media strategy (e.g. whether to use social media, websites, vlogs, television and/or print).

Step 4:

Specification of World Record attempt success (e.g. conversion rates, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, brand awareness, attempt spend per customer, customer engagement, employee satisfaction).






Sentiment positive
Outlets feature the attempt (TV, online, print)
Social Media engagements